Tuesday, November 3, 2015


“(Civil War Adventure is) the latest in prominent comic books being put back into print by Dover…” —Bleeding Cool
“The stories feature a variety of the everyday experiences of men and women caught up in the war that decided the fate of our nation.” —Graphic Policy
“The story and art are realistic and not idealized, and portray the true privation and horror of war…” —Examiner
“It's an incredibly readable history volume with real facts…” —It’s All Comic To Me
“Similar in tone and style to the best of Harvey Kurtzman’s triumphant anti-war classics from Two-Fisted Tales and Frontline Combat, this is a rousing, evocative and potently instructive collection which melds history and horrific entertainment.” —Now Read This!
“…a throwback to an earlier era, a collection of short, meticulously researched stories packed with wild, chaotic battle scenes and more pathologically slanted stories focusing on the spiritual and mental cost of war.” —Library Journal
“Chuck Dixon makes a concerted effort all around to do something different in every story, meaning that you don’t get bored.” —Starburst Magazine
“The stories are compelling and give the reader an unforgettable connection to a time that must never be forgotten. I am compelled to have my grandchildren read these stories when they begin studying this moment in our history. I feel that it may give insights that are left out in our modern schools.” —Nerd Rage News
“The stories are all solid…This is an entertaining book...” —Comic Book Resources

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