Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Final batch of IRON GHOST designs and roughs by Flint Henry

A last blitzkrieg of cover roughs, color studies, character drawings and more. We reached a point where Flint created almost as many pages of preliminary drawings as appeared in the completed six issue mini series! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

More IRON GHOST sketches and concepts from Flint Henry!

We start with a cover rough for issue #1. 

 Here we have character designs and model sheets that Flint worked up for Sergio Cariello to follow. We had quite ensemble cast and Flint made sure they looked properly Teutonic and were dressed in accurate period clothing. 

Here we have some sketches for a proposed Iron Ghost bust statue as well as Iron Ghost bookends. This is Flint off on his own. I don't recall ever discussing merchandising with him. If I were to learn that he storyboarded an animated pilot for iron Ghost it would frankly not surprise me. 

His initial studies for the first cover. Look at the detail on those Lugers!!

Don't worry, mein freunden! There's more!

Monday, May 13, 2019

IRON GHOST prelims by Flint Henry

You don't so much assign Flint Henry to a project as unleash him. When I invited him to provide covers and designs for a series I was proposing he did his usual Flint thing and provided stacks of sketches, roughs, concepts and designs. I should have anticipated a particular heavy Flintalanche of material as the Iron Ghost was so in his wheelhouse with it's WWII setting a ensemble cast of Nazis. What you see below is just the beginning of series of posts until I reach the bottom of the stack. 


KING BIG! One of the back-ups for my one-shot manga satire RADIO BOY!
Story by me. Pencils by Flint Henry. Inks by Tom Wimbush.

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Still deeper into the flat files

Character sketch by Ricardo Villagran

Detail from a pitch piece for a kids book called Wanted: Kid Weevil, a western adventure with bugs. Pictured are the bad guys, Skeeter McSlade and Billy the Tick. Art by me. 

 Study by Tom Lyle for the character STRIKE!

Study of the Sgt. Strike, the faux Golden version of Strike. 

And the finalized versions of both characters by Tom:

     Stan Woch pencils from Airboy.

Sal Velluto designs for our run on Marc Spector: Moon Knight: