Chuck Dixon is a veteran comic book writer with thousands of titles to his name including a record run on Batman at DC Comics (where he co-created the villain BANE) and seminal work on Marvel’s The Punisher.

He adapted J.R.R. Tolkein’s The Hobbit into one of the most successful graphic novels in publication. He is also the author of the bestselling SEAL Team 6 novels from Dynamite.

Chuck currently is currently working on numerous projects, including the Bad Times and Levon Cade series from Bruno Books.

Chuck’s extensive comicography can be found – chronologically – at this link:

Chuck has written the following novels and short stories: 

SEAL TEAM 6 (Dynamite)

  • Books 1-6
BAD TIMES (Bruno Books)

  • Book 1: Cannibal Gold
  • Book 2: Blood Red Tide
  • Book 3: Avenging Angels
  • Book 4: Helldorado
  • Book 5: Sons of Heaven
  • Book 6: Pirates of the Cretaceous
LEVON CADE (Bruno Books)

  • Book 1: Levon’s Trade
  • Book 2: Levon's Night
  • Book 2.5 (ebook exclusive): Levon's Ride
  • Book 3: Levon's Run
  • Book 4: Levon's Kin
  • Book 5: Levon's War
Stand-Alone Novels and Collaborations from Bruno Books
  • Gomers
  • Shrinkage
  • Snakehand (Sidewinders, Book 1. Co-written with John Morgan Neal.)
  • Blooded

  • Book 1: The Mechanic’s Song 

  • Barrens’ in The Night Stalker Chronicles  (Moonstone Books)
  • ‘Captain Midnight Meets Airboy’ in The Captain Midnight Chronicles (Moonstone Books)
  • ‘Regrets Only’ in The Spider Chronicles (Moonstone Books)
  • Snake Eyes’ in Cobra Wars (IDW)
  • ‘The Blue Roan’ in The Lone Ranger Chronicles (Moonstone Books)
  • 'Cold Hell on the Llano' in The Lone Ranger Chronicles  vol 2 (Moonstone Books)


  1. I posted about Chuck Dixon on my blog recently.


    Stephanie Brown is my favorite Batman character.

  2. I posted recently too. I used to really like Bane and the Punisher, but then Chuck decided it was too hard to hire decent people and got Drew Ford to rip me off for Airboy #51.

  3. I really like Chuck's new Arkhaven material. Best wishes Chuck.

  4. Another page here you need to update, Chuck, to add Levon Cade books #6 and #7!!

  5. Also, please write more Bad Times books! :-)

  6. Hello, Mr. Dixon. In the Midnight's Edge interview you mentioned having a section on comic scripts, namely copies of the ones you've done. I can't seem to find that section, would you be willing to show me?